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New Jewelry: Semi Precious Ruby Bracelets

New Jewelry: Semi Precious Ruby Bracelets

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An absolutely stunning set of gold plated, semi precious ruby stone bracelets. Each side of the bracelets are adorned with multiple semi precious stones and pearls (Navaratan beads/meena kari). The bangles are openable by turning the screw in the clasp to the right and closing it by turning it to the left. There is only one screw for each bangle and it will not close if not screwed properly. The screw is small and delicate. Do not lose the screws! You will need jewelry pliers to delicately open and close them. These bangles are a size 2.6. They are great for any bride or special occasion!

Note: Any defects not mentioned but visible in the pictures will be considered as described. All items have been stored in a clean, smoke-free and animal-free environment. 

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